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Financial Literacy needs to be taught correctly for younger adults.


We believe that positive cash flow must be emphasized for financial success.


This course sets the path for early awareness of income and investing.  It reduces financial stress and guilt as well.

Financial Identity Matrix


This course has been designed for High School & College level young adults. 


A few things we know make this course much better for this age group.


1- We teach Income & Entrepreneurship

2- We introduce the 5 major assets & financial risk

3- We teach Macro & Micro Economics

4- We cover all the important aspects of personal finance. All of them!


We really believe that cash management must come before investment management.


Since the start of my financial education journey years ago; I have been amazed at how little we are taught in school.  Our education system is mostly set up to enslave in the workforce, instead of empower thru entrepreneurial freedom. 


Jon has done an excellent job of laying out some fundamental things that every student and adult should know.  I wish I would have had this information when I was a teenager or even as an early adult. 


This course can start a revolution among students who apply what they learn.  I can't wait to see the impact this makes for years to come.  I am proud to endorse Jon's program."



I loved it.  It's pretty detailed and does explain much of the lessons that are needed when you're learning about financial literacy.  It's abundant with examples and such, to help you understand. 


This course taught me more than I've learned from my financial literacy class in high school.  It's an awesome read! :)"



This is amazing!  I honestly think the length of the course is perfect because it will grab the attention of students.  It's not super long where they will get bored. 


I myself learned so much from your course that I have not learned in school.  I liked the examples about the babysitter and lemonade stand because it really breaks down net and gross profits.  The section on inflation vs. inflation explained everything at a level that isn't too difficult for high school students to understand. 


I really enjoyed the course and am excited to see how popular it will be once it takes off!"


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