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Do you want the very best financially for yourself or your students?

You're in the right place! Bloom Money Education is here to help.

There was once a parable about giving a man a fish, and teaching a man to fish. Well, this is no different. We educate on all aspects of obtaining, maintaining, and sustaining wealth so our students will develop the habits needed to succeed in whatever life throws at them. 

We get it, you want to give your children the world, but don't have the funds. 

We will give them the skills neccesary to take on the world. 

“With continuous budget cuts impacting the availability of financial literacy courses within our school districts, being able to offer Bloom Money Education's Financial course to our region's high school students this year filled a major void. The Course feedback we received from the students was so positive and so relieving on our end as what the class provided our students is so essential for their financial success. Our board highly endorses Bloom Money Education's course and we encourage our counterparts to support the offering of this course."

Heather W, Youth Program Director, MA

How do we set our students ahead for life?


Net Profits

We help students gain a solid foundation in the basics of business. Understanding net profits are a crucial factor when building Income!



Income Types & Streams

Discovering different income streams and income types; learn how to create multiple streams of income for a robust financial portfolio.


Assets: Commodities, FX and Real Estate

Explore the world of asset classes. This section includes commodities, foreign exchange, & real estate. Discover the investment opportunities they hold for wealth creation. 


Assets: Fixed Income & Stocks

Delve into the realm of fixed income and stocks. Understanding their dynamics and leveraging them to grow your wealth. 

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Financial Risk & Products

Learn the tools necessary to navigate financial risks while exploring various financial products that can help protect your financial future. 


Taxes & Other Withholdings

Master the essentials of taxation and other financial witholdings. Ensuring you make informed decisions and optimize your financial situation.


Economics that Matter

Understand the key economic principles that shape your financial choices and their impact on your personal finance success. 


Consumerism & Spending

Learn the art of mindful spending, avoiding the pitfalls of excessive consumerism, and making smarter financial choices. 


Financial Nutrition

Discover the importance of financial well-being and implementing healthy financial habits that will nourish your long-term financial goals. 


Credit & Borrowing

Navigate the world of credit and borrowing wisely, ensuring you build a strong credit profile and make informed borrowing decisions long-term. 


Net Worth & Wealth

Explore the concept of net worth and its significance in measuring your financial progress. Implement our proven strategies to build and grow your wealth over time. 


Review: People are Assets

In the final module we reflect on the invaluable role relationships play in your financial journey. We emphasize the importance of networking and cultivating valuable connections. 

Sydnee C., MA

"From this course I learned financial literacy is a completely different language. It is important to master in order to help yourself be successful. As I continue on with my life, I now understand how money really works and how to make my money work for me."

Erin C., NY

"I had no clue about my own financial responsibilities or how to manage them. I didn't know where to start and this class was able to teach me about finances without overwhelming me. I learned how to invest my money while also making it from my income streams. I now feel much more confident about handling my own finances and learning more about them simultaneously."

Join the Class 

Join the waiting list for the program today and equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to become financially free and successful young adult. Start your journey toward financial freedom now!

Take the class live at a pre-determined time via Zoom. 

Take the class at your own pace and watch recordings of the class

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